Vejen ind og ud af kryptovaluta…. Der er ikke mange muligheder på de etablerede handelsplatforme, for at sælge sine kryptovalutaer. Men COINBASE er et af de steder som udfører direkt handel, til og fra dine bankkonti, via betalingskort, og som det seneste tiltag, er der nu mulighed for at få ind / udbetalt, direkte sin…
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16. januar 2019 0

Turkish Hackers Arrested over Stolen BTC Worth $80,000

© Reuters. Turkish Hackers Arrested over Stolen BTC Worth $80,000 The Cybercrime Department of the Turkish National Police has apprehended 11 individuals in Istanbul suspected of an alleged hack of crypto accounts, Turkish newspaper Hurriyet has reported. According to the publication, 14 victims had informed the police about their compromised crypto wallets, with more than…
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5. november 2018 0

Google CEO: Sundar Pichai
Says His Son is an Ethereum Miner

Advertisement Google co-founder Sergey Brin and CEO Sundar Pichai have a lot more in common than just their jobs. Both tech billionaires have crypto-savvy young sons who mine ethereum.Pichai said his 11-year-old son mines ethereum on a home computer that Pichai built himself, according to Business Insider. He made the amusing revelation at the New York Times DealBook conference…
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3. november 2018 0

Bitcoin Price Could Hold $6,3K For Another Month Due to Low Volume

Over the last 24 hours, Bitcoin has slightly recovered from $6,230 to $6,260, unable to breakout of the $6,300 mark. Throughout the upcoming days, if Bitcoin fails to stabilize in the $6,300 to $6,400 range, the price of BTC is at risk of dropping to the lower region of $6,000 and possibly below the $6,000…
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1. november 2018 0

Ex-Bitcoin Skeptic Ron Paul: Crypto Could Prevent Recession

Twitter Facebook Retired US Congressman Ron Paul, a one-time bitcoin skeptic, called for a tax exemption on all cryptocurrencies, saying the move could prevent an economic recession. Ron Paul, the father of current United States Senator Rand Paul, made the suggestion in a blog post entitled “Trump Is Right, the Fed Is Crazy,” where he blasted the Federal Reserve…
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1. november 2018 0

XRP Makes a 24% Monthly Decline
Among the Biggest in October

Twitter LinkedIn Facebook Ripple’s XRP was among the best performing cryptocurrencies in September. But the bullish sentiment hasn’t sustained well this month. The XRP-to-USD pair has recorded a 24 percent monthly loss as October heads to a close, falling from 0.5831-fiat to 0.4400-fiat. The coin got sold off to the tune of over $7 billion,…
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31. oktober 2018 0

Bitcoin Could End October With 2018’s
First Year-Over-Year Decline

With prices trading sideways around $6,400 for the 10th day straight, bitcoin (BTC) risks reporting a yearly loss for its 10th birthday. The leading cryptocurrency, which turns a decade old this Wednesday, has been flatlined below $6,500 since Oct. 19 and is showing no signs of life with volatility readings at multi-month lows. At press time, BTC…
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30. oktober 2018 0

Bitcoin Exchange Bitstamp Confirms
Sale to Gaming Group NXC

Cryptocurrency exchange Bitstamp has been acquired by NXMH, an investment firm based in Belgium and owned by South Korean conglomerate NXC. In a deal signed last Thursday, the firm took a majority ownership stake in the exchange. Bitstamp CEO Nejc Kodrič will retain a minority ownership stake and continue running the startup’s operations. The terms of the deal, including the sale…
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29. oktober 2018 0

Bitcoin Finds Stability at $6,400: Will BTC Fail to Recover by 2018’s End?

Over the past 11 days, the Bitcoin price has remained stable in the range of $6,300 to $6,500, struggling to initiate a major movement on the upside. The volume of Bitcoin has declined substantially over the last 72 hours from $3.6 billion to $3.1 billion on CoinMarketCap, by nearly 20 percent. Trading activity in the…
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28. oktober 2018 0

En kreditkortindløser har tilbageholdt WeMoveCoins’ likvider. Og så løb bitcoinbørsen tør for penge. ERHVERV 24.10.2018 KL. 11:01 Den danske bitcoinbørs WeMoveCoins er havnet i et slagsmål med en kreditkortindløser og er derfor nu gået konkurs. Foto: Jochen Eckel/AP Mick Kristensen  AA Iværksætteri WeMoveCoins, der på et tidspunkt blev kaldt Danmarks største bitcoinbørs, er taget under…
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25. oktober 2018 0

$571 Million:
Notorious North Korean Hacker Group
Has Stolen a Fortune in Cryptocurrency

Even though blockchain technology has all sorts of security applications, one thing is for sure: cryptocurrency exchanges are vulnerable to cybersecurity attacks, and hackers have exploited these flaws for massive gains. However, no hacker crew has been quite as successful as the infamous North Korean group of hackers, dubbed “Lazarus,” which is responsible for the…
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20. oktober 2018 0

Biggest Bank in Nordic Region Bans Bitcoin
Gets Caught for Money Laundering

Nordea Bank, the largest financial group in the Nordic countries, which banned Bitcoin in January, has been caught in a major money laundering scandal for allegedly receiving dirty money from two banks in the Baltics. Yle, a state-owned publication in Finland with over 3,500 employees, reported that finance authorities in Sweden received a report with…
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19. oktober 2018 0

A Dirty War on Bitcoin… Interesting…

THE DAILY 1 hour ago | Kai Sedgwick |  1492 The Daily: A Dirty War on Bitcoin Today’s installment of The Daily is all about dirty tricks. The sort of tricks designed to convince the world that Bitcoin is bad. Spending bitcoin, mining it, or allowing the Chinese to mine it ahead of the U.S. —…
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17. oktober 2018 0

Bitcoin Price Rises to $6,450 as Market Stabilizes

Over the past 72 hours, the cryptocurrency market experienced one of its wildest fluctuations in recent years, triggered by the sudden increase in the Bitcoin price. The unforeseen decline in the value of Tether (USDT), a stablecoin backed by the US dollar on a 1:1 ratio, led premiums on major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC) and…
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17. oktober 2018 0

Maldives’ Central Bank Denies Issuing Permits
for Crypto Transactions

The central bank of the Maldives has warned citizens to be wary of advertisements appearing on social media platforms relating to the trading of cryptocurrencies. In a press release, the Maldives Monetary Authority (MMA) cautioned members of the public against transacting in cryptocurrencies pointing out that it was the only agency responsible for licensing money exchange business…
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17. oktober 2018 0

Bitcoin Volumes Surge Nearly 30% as it
Price Breaks Out of $6,550

Advertisement Bitcoin, the most dominant cryptocurrency in the global market, has seen an abrupt increase in its volume from $2 billion to $2.53 billion on CoinCap.io. On Coinmarketcap, the volume of Bitcoin has risen from $3.2 billion to $3.8. The discrepancy between the volume of BTC listed on CoinCap.io and Coinmarketcap comes from CoinCap.io’s system…
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10. oktober 2018 0

Broker Shut Down

1Broker Shut Down, Will More Bitcoin Exchanges be Targeted by US Gov’t?   1Broker, a Marshall Islands-based securities dealer and bitcoin trading platform, was recently taken down by the US authorities. The FBI seized the domain of 1Broker, shutting down the platform for allegedly violating money laundering regulations and distributing securities as an unregistered dealer.…
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2. oktober 2018 0

Why Banks Accepting Cryptocurrency…

Banks Accepting Cryptocurrency Such As Bitcoin Which banks accept cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin? A number of banks have announced recently that they are limiting the purchase of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (₿). Complaints that banks are denying purchases of cryptocurrencies made with credit cards is nothing new. However, up until recently, this was just speculation on behalf of customers. The fact…
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29. september 2018 0

BCH på laveste niveau siden 20 December 2017 !!!!

Dagens kurs på BCH må siges at være den laveste i BCH´s historie, siden d. 20 December 2017….

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Børsen Play

Source: Børsen Play

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(0.00000199) AirToken AIR to Bitcoin BTC Exchange / HitBTC

Source: (0.00000199) AirToken AIR to Bitcoin BTC Exchange / HitBTC

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Iranian Banker Calls for Cryptocurrency Acceptance – Bitcoin News

Source: Iranian Banker Calls for Cryptocurrency Acceptance – Bitcoin News

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